Artisan Sausages from Burgos 'La Primi'

The origin of Burgos Morcilla 'La Primi' dates back to 1925, when a clever woman, 'La Primi', took the initiative to commercialize a traditional sausage, which was made according to the rites of the slaughter of Burgos.

What at first was conceived as a small contribution to the family economy was gradually becoming a solid enterprise, definitely staying in the Burgos food scene.

Currently the company maintains its continuity through the only member of the third generation, who has picked up the baton, Augusto Rodríguez Pérez, grandson of the founder.


Our morcilla is an artisan product that is made daily with natural ingredients: rice, onion, butter sow, sange, spices, all stuffed into natural casings.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it does not contain any additives, preservatives or dyes, this is highly appreciated by our customers who consider it a real privilege to enjoy the quality and taste. Without any doubt, this is something that is particularly valuable for spanish customers, that recognize in its flavor a memory of their infancy.

And obviously 'La Primi' has adapted their production process to new technologies without losing their quality characteristics and flavor without altering the primal essence of the product.


Equally striking is the fact that children are the greatest clients of our morcilla, its unique blend of flavors and smoothness make it a product that is well suited to the palate of kids: very tasty and easy to eat.

All of these things generates great confidence in mothers that they also have in mind the high nutritional value of our products.


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