Morcillas from Burgos Artisan Sausages Gourmet Line
Our Morcillas from Burgos (Black Pudding) are handmade with the finest ingrdientes, following the same traditional recipe for over 3 generations. Homemade spanish chorizos with minced pork fat and seasoned with salt and pepper, is top quality and ideal to enjoy anytime. Spicy or Sweet. Artisan and natural Gourmet products. Make your food special with our best and exclusive products. Try it!!
Spanish Morcillas for sale Sausages from Burgos Spanish Gourmet Products
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Artisan Sausages from Burgos 'La Primi'

Morcilla from Burgos 'La Primi' dates back to 1925, when a clever woman, 'La Primi', took the initiative to commercialize a traditional sausage, which was made according to the rites of the slaughter of Burgos.

Our Morcilla and Chorizo are artisan products that are made daily with natural ingredients.



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