Homemade Spanish Chorizo

Homemade Spanish Chorizo Homemade Spanish Chorizo
Made with the best porklane, artisan and with a slightly spicy flavor.Ideal for baking, frying and grilling.


Lean Pork, Salt, Paprika and Natural Spices.

Nutritional Facts

Energy value (396 Kcal) - Fat - 36.25 g - of which saturates: 12.96 g - Carbohydrates 9 g - Dietary fiber 0 g - 13.8 g Protein - Salt 0.8g - Iron 1.13 mg.


Gluten Free, Lactose Free, No Preservatives, No Dyes.


6.50 / Kg. + TAXES

Delivery Conditions
The following conditions are valid for shipments within Peninsular Spain.
For other countries, please contact us

The shipment will be in 24-48 hours.

All shipments carry an additional cost of € 1 per kg.
Minimum order should be 5kg except the Gourmet Line that should be 2 kg.

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